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Contenterie is a one-woman consulting and services business for content strategy, content design, and copywriting.

about us
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Hi, I'm Cameron.

I'm the brain behind Contenterie. I've been working in content for more than 18 years. I started Contenterie in 2014 to solve more kinds of content challenges for more people, using my full toolbox of creativity and strategic thinking.


Over the last decade, I've collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, historic institutions, buzzy startups, and beloved local businesses, both independently and in partnership with respected agencies and design studios.


Here's how I've helped on some of my favorite projects.

Content Marketing Strategy

Building a forward-thinking enterprise content marketing strategy for a global hospitality brand looking to convert new audiences

Website Content Strategy

Developing an aspirational but approachable content strategy and writing new copy for the flagship website of a major public university system

Customer Research

Collaborating with business strategists to conduct qualitative customer research and identify new product opportunities for a fintech startup

Messaging Strategy

Helping a B2B software company with a content and messaging strategy to reposition their broad portfolio of acquisitions as a cohesive family of brands

UX Copywriting

Working with subject matter experts at a large technology business to write clear, concise website content for a range of complex products

Modular Content Design

Designing a flexible, scalable modular content system based on user types and scenarios for the customer portal of a hot healthcare startup


I've collaborated with brands across industries.

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John Norton / Co-founder, The Graphic Standard

“Cameron is our go-to for all things content. Her brilliance is her ability to adapt to the client's needs but still deliver well-thought concepts every time.”

What can I help you with?

The right solution looks a little different for each project, so you won't find a list of standard services and deliverables from me. I'll work with you to design a thoughtful, collaborative approach to your challenges and goals, probably in one (or more!) of these general areas where I flex my skills best.

Organizing things

Overgrown content inventories, dysfunctional processes, and shadowy orphaned webpages are no match for me. I can help you sort through whatever is scattered, inconsistent, messy, or old (or all of the above) and turn it into a coherent, useful, and usable system. I can even help train teams to use it and develop guidelines for maintaining it.

Clarifying things

You know how, when you say a word over and over, it starts to sound weird? Working through complex content challenges can feel a lot like that. I'm especially good at translating lots of ideas, opinions, and inputs into a unifying strategic direction that feels clear, compelling, and doable. I work well with all kinds of people, and I'm fluent in strategy and creative speak.

Connecting things

Your organization is probably home to a lot of smart people, doing a lot of smart thinking. All of which is probably happening in dozens of different places, across offices, file folders, desktops, and brains. I'll make it my mission to excavate, synthesize, and help you optimize all the smart things your team is already doing (and I'll identify the gaps where I can step in).

Bringing things to life

The transition from strategy to execution can be rife with potholes and unexpected roadblocks. I'll help you and your team navigate it. Whether you just want smart, tactical ideas for executing on your strategy or need some heavier lifting, I specialize in developing useful, engaging, easy-to-understand content that connects to business goals and customer needs.

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